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I Am Not Alone

Hear how KAAN helps to connect the community.


Resources for the Community

We've gathered organizations, books, films, shopping and other resources together on our resources page. Information on family search, citizenship issues, and more can be found here as well. The book directory includes over 400 books covering a wide range of topics. The organization directory, still under construction, already includes groups from across the United States, South Korea, Europe, and Australia.

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Connecting the Community

through our national conferences and other resources.

What conference attendees are saying:

“It was the first time I was in a place with so many adoptees. I felt understood before I even opened my mouth.”


“Adoptive parents have a responsibility to do everything they can to build bridges for their children. This conference gives us tools to be better parents. Thank you!”

“KAAN’s Youth Program rocks! I met my best friend there.”

“Koreans, both in-country and abroad, have a responsibility to reach out to adoptees but it is sometimes hard to know how. This conference has contributed greatly to my understanding of the range of adoptee experiences and some of the key ways I can help them.”