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This list has been pre-screened. Books in this color were highly recommended by KAAN conference attendees.  Contact Us with additions or corrections.

Children of Asian America.      Original stories about the experience of growing up as an Asian American child - lots of B&W photographs. Ages 5-15.

Children of Asian America.      Original stories about the experience of growing up as an Asian American child - lots of B&W photographs. Ages 5-15.

Chimhominey's Secret  by Nancy Kim   A Korean-American family faces not only intergenerational cultural conflicts between immigrant parents and their Americanized daughters, but also the results of a terrible prophecy made 20 years earlier.

Chinese Eyes  by Marjorie Ann Waybill    An elementary-age girl, adopted from Korea, deals with prejudice at school with the support of her parents.

Choosing Ethnicity, Negotiating Race: Korean Adoptees in America  by Mia Tuan and Jiannbin Lee Shiao   

Clay Walls  by Kim Ronyoung   An immigrant novel of quiet power and sensitivity; the story of Koreans fighting their way into American society in the years following WWI. Haesu, a yangban (aristocrat) in Korea, dreams of going home and refuses to do what she considers menial work. Her daughter, Faye, struggles to reconcile two different ways of life.

Cleversticks  by Bernard Ashley   This is a story about a Asian-American boy who desperately wants to be noticed for something "clever" like others in his class...then discovers that he is the only one who can use chopsticks. This story is geared for preschoolers.

Comfort Woman  by Nora Okja Keller    This powerful book details the life of a young Korean-American woman as she struggles to understand her mother's disturbing past.

Cooking the Korean Way  by Okwha Chungg and Judy Monroe    Well-known cookbook by Lerner Publications.

Cooper's Lesson  by Yung Shin Sun    Cooper, who is half-Korean, struggles with his identity until one moment in a neighborhood Korean grocery store changes everything for him. Written in English and hangul.

Count Your Way Through Korea  by Jim Haskins   Teaches how to count from one to ten in Korean, with a story or piece of cultural information matched with each number.

Creating Ceremonies: Innovative Ways to Meet Adoption Challenges  by Cheryl A. Lieberman, Ph.D. and Rhea K. Bufferd, LICSW   Adoption-specific ceremonies and rituals to say good-bye, welcome home, celebrate transitions, grieve losses, acknowledge fears and encourage learning.

Cry Korea Cry  by Ty Pak   Story of a mixed-blood Korean War orphan, who calls himself Moo Moo... which in Korean means "nothing". The novel builds around the themes of war, dispersion and people in search of home and substance.

Culture Keeping; White Mothers, International Adoption, and the Negotiation of Family Difference  by Heather Jacobson    Examines adoptions from China and Russia through the lens of integration of aspects of culture of child's origin into the family's life.

Culture Shock-Korea: a Guide to Customs and Etiquette  by Sonja Vegdahl Hur and Ben Seunghwa Hur   This and the Lonely Planet books are the two most frequently recommended travel books.

Dear Birthmother: Thank You for Our Baby  by Kathleen Silber and Phyllis Speedlin   Collection of letters between birthparents and adoptive parents . . . people who share a unique connection -- a child.

Dear Juno  by Soyung Pak   Although Juno, A Korean-American boy, cannot read the letter he receives from his grandmother in Seoul, he understands what it means from the photgraph and dried flower that are enclosed and decides to send a similar letter back to her.

Designing Rituals of Adoption for the Religious and Secular Community  by Mary Martin Mason   Guide for designing welcoming ceremonies, adoption anniversaries, finalizations, baptisms, naming ceremonies . . . for all types of families and adoptions. Focuses on techniques to validate these families.

Dialogues about Adoption: Conversations between Parents and Their Children  by Linda Bothun   Provides sample conversations covering every aspect of adoption, and includes information on relevant developmental information.

Did My First Mother Love Me?  by Kathryn Ann Miller   Mother reads birthmother's letter to reassure child. Includes detailed section for parents/ adults at end of book.