Childcare Program

We offer an onsite childcare program involving reduced cost, shared parental volunteer hours, and the chance to interact with adoptee mentors. Seven-year-olds have the option of registering for either this program or the older youth program, depending on what is the best fit.


Meal-Only Option

Unregistered children (and others traveling with attendees, such as a babysitter or grandparent) may join their family at conference meals through the purchase of a meal plan. (As a cost-saving measure, hotel rates are also typically negotiated to allow up to four people per room.)


This option is also open to paid vendors and exhibitors who want to participate in conference meals.


Adoptee Mentor Program

Many of the leaders, chaperones, and volunteers who work with the childcare and youth programs are part of our adoptee mentor corps. Parents are invited to donate toward the stipends we provide these mentors for their service. Interested adoptees are invited to apply for this program.



Youth Program

Our goal is for youth to have a safe, positive experience as members of the adoption community. Adult adoptees, parents, a former camp director, and licensed therapists all play a role in the planning. About 25 youth (ages 7-17) register for KAAN each year. Most are adoptees. Siblings and children of adoptees attend as well. We are excited to have Sejong Cultural Education, Inc coordinate our youth/childcare programs.



Social and family-oriented activities are offered. Youth participate with their parents or under their supervision.





Group-building activities and an off-site field trip (consent form required) with Asian-American chaperones help create a sense of belonging. Dinner with parents and an optional chaperoned evening activity are planned.





After breakfasting with parents, youth follow the same on-site schedule as everyone else, with sessions designed just for them.

Costs of this program are covered with registration fee.